Solid Waste Inspections on Ewing street

no image On 05/28/2009 investigation number DOEINS163849 was carried out. The Historic Dept Of Environment was asked for help because of solid waste inspections. The subject of this control was a building situated at 9331 Ewing street. The detailed coordinates of this place named Sim's are: 9331 S Ewing Ave Chicago, Illinois (41 726384, -87 539329). The information about this evaluation was last verified on 01/01/2012. An examinator assigned to this case left a note: investigator kaehler conducted a routine inspection of the sims metal management's spi facility upon arrival, i spoke and toured the site with erika, yard manager for sims this site has been idled since 3-16-09, due to the market conditions currently, there is no scrap metal or asr stock piled onsite workers had finished repairs to the seawall site needs to be cleaned of surface debris and swept they do not know what the future of the site will be i will continue to monitor the site for compliance .

Inspections within the land of California

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