Solid Waste Inspections on 95Th street

no image On 05/21/2009 checkup no. DOEINS73088 was conducted. The Historic Dept Of Environment was invited due to solid waste inspections. The object of this control was a house situated at 3018 95Th street. The exact address of this place called Standard Auto Parts are: 3018 E 95Th St Chicago Illinois (41 722769 -87 550202). The description of this checkup was last verified on 01/01/2012. An inspector responsible for this case left a note: standard auto parts is a permitted vehicle recycler used vehicles are stored on the site with parts being sold to the general public and wholesalers the site is generally in good condition i toured the property with eric robbins site observations: -the storage area was relatively free of surface debris -cars are dismantled and fluids drained on a concrete pad -vehicle parts are being stored on racks and inside freight containers -standard is participating in epa's program to remove mercury switches from vehicles before crushing shipments: oil/anti-freeze: 400 gallons by rs used oil service on 12/30/08 tires: 121 by joy auto on 05/09/09 batteries: 50 by t&s trading, inc on 02/26/09.

Inspections within the land of California

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