Miscellaneous Inspection on Western street

no image On 10/27/2008 checkup number DOEINS58910 was conducted. The Historic Dept Of Environment was asked for help because of miscellaneous inspection. The subject of this control was a house located at 2436 Western street. The description of this evaluation was verified on 01/01/2012. An inspector responsible for this case left a note: this was a site visit to the office of the owner/operator of 2508 w diversey the property previously mentioned had material dumped on it again this visit to the office was to issue citations copy of report from 2508 w diversey: this was a follow - up inspection at a site i had ticketed before for dumping construction waste when i arrived i found that there was new material dumped on the property, approximately 200 yrds the material consisted of dirt, sand, wood, concrete, concrete block and refuse i called the owner of the property, who also owns the company doing the dumping, and he admitted to the dumping and said he would clean it up this is a site that has been a consistent problem in regards to dumping the site information is as follows: precision excavating and construction 2436 n western chicago, il 60622 (773) 384-7202 citations issued: 11-4-1585 7-28-440 ticket - e000011199 - 14.

Inspections within the land of California

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