Miscellaneous Inspection on State street

no image On 03/26/2008 inspection no. DOEINS6546 was conducted. The Historic Dept Of Environment was asked for help because of miscellaneous inspection. The object of this action was a house placed at 108 State street. The specific address of this place called We O Neil are: 108 N State St Chicago, Illinois (41 884138, -87 627931). The description of this investigation was last updated on 01/01/2012. An examinator assigned to this case left a comment: upon arrival at this construction site, i observed a site that encompassed a four square block area the site includes a media tower, retail center and mass transit station the site has continues excavation from the transit station project we had an enforcement history of citations for track out and one for pollution the site is checked on a frequently for track out and dust issues the contractor has a dedicated street sweeper to keep the surrounding streets clean the sweeper will follow almost every truck leaving the site to insure no track out the other issue had been pedestrians crossing the street at closed crosswalks this practice had become dangerous because they would ignore the flag person the pedestrians would then cross in front of trucks exiting the site we have worked with traffic management we now have two traffic aids at each intersection i observed no cleanliness issues at this time and the project has proper permits i issued no novs at this time .

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Miscellaneous Inspection on 61St street thumb

Miscellaneous Inspection on 61St street

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