Miscellaneous Inspection on Kingsbury street

no image On 02/27/2008 inspection no. DOEINS29958 was carried out. The Historic Dept Of Environment was asked for help because of miscellaneous inspection. The subject of this action was a building placed at 1550 Kingsbury street. The detailed address of this place known as Bentley Construction Corp are: 1550 N Kingsbury St Chicago, Illinois (41 908331, -87 651945). The info about this evaluation was verified on 01/01/2012. An examinator responsible for this case left a note: i observed a large construction site where excavation work was in progress i observed the fence enclosure required on the site to be in violation of the ordinance governing construction site the fabric mesh was detached from the fencing to the point where it appeared to be missing in all areas i interviewed the sit supervisor mr lou frigo and issued a notice of violation of municipal codes 13-32-125 2 (e), and 7-28-080 for construction site cleanlines the general contractor's failure to immediately repair damage to a construction site fence and a nuisance in connection with business mr frigo stated that the fencing would be repaired later in the day so i will check the condition of the site later in the week for compliance .

Inspections within the land of California

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