Miscellaneous Inspection on Kedzie street

no image On 05/30/2008 checkup no. DOEINS128871 was performed. The Historic Dept Of Environment was alarmed due to miscellaneous inspection. The target of this action was a house placed at 5604 Kedzie street. The specific coordinates of this place called Rick's Auto Repair are: 5604 N Kedzie Ave Chicago, Illinois (41 983185, -87 708903). The specification of this checkup was verified on 01/01/2012. An inspector assigned to this case left a note: upon arrival i met with the business owner, mr rick appelman and he directed me inside his mvr facility where i observed a rectangular aboveground waste oil tank and a poly 55 gallon drum for his waste antifreeze his waste hauler documents were readily available and there was no evidence of any waste oil/antifreeze dumping on site at the time however, he did indicate that several times a month people leave waste oil and antifreeze containers on his property, particularly when he is closed and over the weekends, but he immediately pours it into his waste stream no further action needed at this time .

Inspections within the land of California

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