Miscellaneous Inspection on Division street

no image On 03/15/2007 inspection no. DOEINS113816 was performed. The Historic Dept Of Environment was invited due to miscellaneous inspection. The target of this action was a building located at 4711 Division street. The detailed address of this place known as Ribbon Sum Yoo Corp are: 4711 W Division St Chicago, Illinois (41 902415, -87 743939). The description of this checkup was last modified on 01/01/2012. An inspector responsible for this case left a note: while traveling west on division street i noticed a small amount of dirt in several piles of dirt and concrete on the parking lot of what appeared to be a large industrial building upon speaking with the management mr chris johnson i leaned that the floors in an area of the buidling were being replaced and materials were being temporarily stored on the lot prior to being disposed of i will continue to monitor this site to prevent improper storage of materials on the site .

Inspections within the land of California

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