Miscellaneous Inspection on 95Th street

no image On 07/09/2008 inspection number DOEINS88347 was carried out. The Historic Dept Of Environment was invited because of miscellaneous inspection. The subject of this inspection was an establishment placed at 3600 95Th street. The specific address of this place called Illinois Port Authority are: 3600 E 95Th St Chicago Illinois (41 722937 -87 536547). The info about this evaluation was last verified on 01/01/2012. An examinator assigned to this case commented: inspector lipman attempted to perform an inspection of the property located at 3600 e 95th street the site is occupied by the illinois port authority and as such i was denied access due to homeland security measures since the site is overseen by the state i did not have reason to inspect it as part of doe's river front inspections .

Inspections within the land of California

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