Air Quality Inspection on Randolph street

no image On 02/20/2008 evaluation number DOEINS86733 was conducted. The Historic Dept Of Environment was invited because of air quality inspection. The target of this action was a house situated at 351 Randolph street. The exact address of this place called Streets and Sanitation are: 351 E Randolph St Chicago, Illinois (41 884393, -87 618029). The info about this investigation was verified on 01/01/2012. An examinator responsible for this case commented: upon arrival at this phone complain site, i had come in answer to a complaint of noxious odor the site was a streets and sanitation office on lower randolph the employees were complaining of a foul odor that had made the sick and was imbedded in their clothes i observed of a rather strong odor coming from beneath their desks the odor was rather strong and suspected it might be from a broken sewer line i phoned in my findings and it was suggested that general services be called i was told that they are responsible for all city buildings i issued no novs at this time .

Inspections within the land of California

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